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Two-thirds of hospitality firms optimistic about the next year

According to a study by trade body UKHospitality, 65 per cent of businesses now feel optimistic, with just 16 per cent pessimistic about remaining financially viable for at least another year.

Greensill-backed firm got contract with TfL while Boris was Mayor

It has prompted renewed calls for a fuller probe into the Australian financier's access to Whitehall and how he was able to benefit from his ties to David Cameron and other senior figures.

Kirsten O'Brien on a 'precarious' year for freelancers like her

BBC TV presenter Kirsten O'Brien says the past year has been the most financially challenging of her life. She spoke to Donna Ferguson.

Asda brothers snap up fast food chain Leon in £100m deal

Mohsin and Zuber Issa are understood to have agreed to buy the business, co-founded by Boris Johnson's food tsar Henry Dimbleby, in the early hours yesterday.

Stop using Peloton treadmills if you have children or pets, US officials warn

US regulators have warned people to stop using a Peloton treadmill if they have children or pets.

30 old-school homewares that will fill you with nostagia

From ceramic flying ducks to luminous lava lamps, there's a special place in our hearts for the retro homewares of the past. Over the years, many of our treasured items have fallen into obscurity, lost to car boot sales and eBay listings – until now. Guaranteed to make your smile, we've taken a trip back in time to unearth the best vintage homewares from way back when. Grab your Walkman and let's take a stroll down memory lane...

Amanda Staveley walked away from Greensill bailout

High-flying dealmaker Amanda Staveley abandoned a £600million bailout of Greensill Capital over fears the firm and its Government ties were becoming 'toxic', sources told The Mail on Sunday.

MIDAS SHARE TIPS: Ricardo is helping turn the US army green

British engineering group Ricardo is helping the US defence department to make its Hummers safer by installing devices that keep the trucks stable.

Office cleaning firm OCS in takeover talks with US private equity firm

It is understood that OCS is working with advisers from Lazard on 'strategic options', which could lead to a sale of a stake in the business.

Serco brazens out Covid calamity as the profits roll in

What do you do when your company finds itself at the centre of a controversy? Some companies draw up delicately worded apologies or at least look for convenient scapegoats, but Serco has taken the more traditional approach during the pandemic: stick to your position and insist there’s nothing to see here. The outsourcing company will be winning no popularity prizes any time soon, not least because of its role in the UK’s expensive test-and-trace...

Three in four Britons don't trust online banking as threat from scams escalates

Some 76 per cent said they 'lack trust towards using their banking services online', according to a survey by security software company SmartSearch.

Commons standards chief calls for probe into Cameron's China deal

Chairman of the Commons Standards Committee is calling for an inquiry into lobbying by David Cameron to also examine a meeting that the former UK Prime Minister had with Philip Hammond.

Dogecoin price: Why is dogecoin going up? Analyst warns DOGE 'bubble has to burst'

DOGECOIN prices have soared to new highs, with the meme token's value up nearly 90 percent in the last 24 hours. Crypto analysts have explained why dogecoin (DOGE) is going up and why this bullish frenzy may not last forever.

EU on brink: Norway shows why the European project 'will fail big time'

THE EUROPEAN UNION was warned by an expert that Norway highlighted a weakness of the bloc.

The four Beatles mugs that sold for £6,000 - and other Toby Jugs that are worth even more

There are few things as quintessentially British as Toby Jugs. Since the 1700s, drinkers have collected them to celebrate the pleasure of sipping ales in pubs and homes across the country.

Can you buy dogecoin on Coinbase? Memecoin 'has arguably caught on'

DOGECOIN has taken the internet by storm thanks to glowing endorsements from celebrities and tech moguls like Elon Musk - but can you buy dogecoin on Coinbase?

Rev up your returns from the mid-sized UK companies well placed to race away - but don't forget the minnows

On Friday, the value of the UK's mid-cap companies hit an all-time high. But their winning streak could have further to run, offering investors ample opportunity to benefit.

Dogecoin price prediction: Will DOGE hit $1 this year? 'FOMO factor is at fever pitch'

DOGECOIN took the internet by storm this week when it shot to a record-high price, only to keep on rising to new heights. As crypto traders scramble to jump on the DOGE hype train, what are the chances of dogecoin hitting £0.72 ($1) this year?

Driving charge: Macron abusing Brexit to make expat pensioners pay £865 for French licence

EMMANUEL Macron's government is abusing Brexit to make thousands of expats pay £865 (€1,000) for a French driving licence.

'We simply haven't built enough': L&G chief calls on pension funds to invest in projects to help end housing crisis

Nigel Wilson said pension funds are sitting on billions of pounds and should invest in projects to help resolve the housing shortage and to regenerate local communities.

Brexit fury: EU had to give UK 'punishment beatings' to prevent another country leaving

BREXIT meant the EU had to give the UK "punishment beatings" to prevent future bloc departures, an expert said.

Tribunal to hear claim of prejudice at Starling

Gulnaz Raja, who was the bank's deputy company secretary until last year, has also accused the start-up of trying to 'intimidate her into not bringing her claim', according to documents.

Free bus pass claims can be made from the female state pension age - when will it rise?

STATE pension aged people can apply for a free bus pass in England while those based in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland can apply from the age of 60. Specifically, both men and women can apply in England when reaching the female state pension age but this will be rising in the future.

Chinese firms prepare to charge into Europe’s electric car market

Tesla boss Elon Musk is not known for admiring his competition, but when Chinese manufacturer Nio made its 100,000th electric car last week, he offered his congratulations. It was a mark of respect from a chief executive who had been through “manufacturing hell” with his own company. Yet it is also a sign of the growing influence of China’s electric carmakers. They are hoping to stake out a spot among the heavyweights of the new industry and...

Mortgage free is 'my aim': Homeowner stresses importance of back-up savings

MORTGAGE payments and household bills are understandably a priority in most people's spending concerns, with many setting aside some disposable income each month in case of an emergency. New research has put a spotlight on the number of people who don't have a "rainy day" fund, however.

Martin Lewis explains how people working from home during lockdown can get £280

On Martin Lewis's popular website MoneySavingExpert.com it has been explained explained how people can claim this cash after changes driven by the coronavirus pandemic

HAMISH MCRAE: We have reason to stay bullish

Share prices are booming not only because the world economy is growing strongly. They are booming because we are in one of those heady bull markets, fuelled by the central banks.

E10 fuel changes will affect a 'good slice of vehicles' - what will newupdates mean?

E10 FUEL changes will cause an "expedition of problems" for motorists including damage to "hidden components" according to petrol station experts at Suresite.

State pension error that caused widows to lose £100k-plus happens again to a newly-bereaved woman - AFTER we exposed DWP scandal

An 80-year-old lost her husband last August, but though his state pension stopped immediately she was denied a rise from £87 to £209 a week for half a year.

SCOTTISH AMERICAN INVESTMENT: Trust keeps its dividend

Last year, Scottish American Investment Trust increased its dividend payout above the rate of inflation for the 47th consecutive year.

Which Friends star is richest today?

As the cast of Friends is set to be reunited for a one-off special this spring, we work out how much Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer and Matt LeBlanc earned from the series and beyond.

Furlough: Over 50s face job 'scrapheap' as scheme nears end - act to secure finances

FURLOUGH is due to end in September, but there is still concern about job security, particularly for older people, who may need to take action.

ANNA MIKHAILOVA: No10 adviser owns shares in government contract firms

ANNA MIKHAILOVA: Eddie Lister, one of the Prime Minister's most senior advisers, owns shares in a company that has won nearly £1 million in Government and NHS contracts, I can reveal.

The race to the bottom on cutting company tax rates has failed

For the first time in around 40 years something weird is happening to the debate about tax – and it is one that makes calls for ever-lower company tax rates look decidedly out of step. Since the 1980s, when Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, under the thrall of neo-liberalism, cut company tax rates in the UK and US, the mantra on company tax has been to cut and reap the benefits. The logic goes like this: cut company tax rates; multinational...

Tempted to invest in shares? We get some expert tips for success

We explore what motivates individual share investors and what extra work is entailed if you're interested in becoming more of an active hobbyist investor.

Bytes of spring – technology firms join a rush to go public

As markets on both sides of the Atlantic hit fresh highs, boosted by hopes of an economic rebound from the crisis inflicted by the pandemic, tech companies are choosing their moment and queuing up to make their stock market debuts. The first three months of the year are traditionally a quiet period for initial public offerings (IPOs), but in 2021 its was the busiest quarter for listings in the past 20 years, according to accountancy firm EY –...

Will Deliveroo dive by another 40%? That's the blunt warning from City firm that first sounded the alarm on Carillion and Wirecard

A damning report by an influential City firm has warned the value of loss-making Deliveroo could plummet by another £1.8billion, raising fears over how the company has been governed.

Renault seeks to generate 1 billion euros from 'circular economy' by 2030

Renault seeks to generate 1 billion euros from 'circular economy' by 2030

How to win a bidding war but not spend too much: With a third of homes for sale getting at least three offers, we explain how to come out on top

Almost a third of buyers are paying over the asking price for their properties, as the current demand to move has resulted in competitive bidding wars. But how do you win one? We asked the experts.

'Roaring Kitty' acquires more shares in GameStop - Bloomberg

'Roaring Kitty' acquires more shares in GameStop - Bloomberg

Hope at last for thousands tangled in unfair equity release trap as Age Partnership pledges to help anyone switch their deal

The UK's largest equity release broker, Age Partnership, has pledged to look at all existing equity release loans to see whether borrowers can be switched to a better deal.

SEISS: When can you apply for SEISS grant four? Experts outline key dates

THE FOURTH self-employed grant will provide vital funding to many businesses which have struggled over the last few months of lockdown. So when can you apply for SEISS grant four?

Klarna clampdown due within weeks as Treasury prepares to impose stricter rules on Britain's £2.7bn booming 'buy now, pay later' sector

Plans to regulate Britain's booming buy now, pay later industry will be released within weeks, This is Money understands, after a review found it posed 'a significant potential consumer harm'.

US investment giant Vanguard lays down gauntlet to savings world by slashing the price of financial advice

Vanguard will charge 0.79 per cent a year for financial advice - including the cost of the investment funds and platform fee.

These people own the most land across the world

Ever wondered which individuals and organisations own the most land globally? The answers may surprise you.

Furlough discrimination warning: Furloughed workers to face 'stigma' as scheme winds down

FURLOUGH payments have kept millions of workers employed over the last year or so and recently, Rishi Sunak extended the scheme into September 2021. While this will be relieving to worried employees, new research has emerged that shows the same workers may face discrimination as the scheme winds down.

Barcelona receive £173m offer for 50% of Barca Corporate shares

Club president Joan Laporta has been looking at ways to improve the club's financial situation since his re-election in March, which in turn could help fund transfers down the line.

Secrets of the Kardashians' billion-dollar empire

Love them or loathe them, the Kardashian clan know how to make some serious money. Here's how they built their fortune.

Domino's Pizza faces shareholder revolt over executive pay rises

Both Glass Lewis and ISS have now red-flagged the chain's plans to give chief executive Dominic Paul and finance chief Neil Smith 'significant' pay rises.

'Pressure is on, Brussels!' US could replace EU in new agriculture post-Brexit trade deal

THE European Union could find itself under intense pressure as the UK looks towards the US to establish new major trade links.